Nikos Vasil, known to the public as Heartbreaker, is a renowned supervillain based in Montreal.[1]


He is short sighted as his abilities allow him to receive anything he wants with minimal effort.[2] He 'oozed' confidence and sexuality.[3]

He is intelligent however, through planning and careful applications of his power he has managed to remain several steps ahead of the authorities.[4]


Nikos is a tall man with a lanky, muscular physique, long black hair, and a goatee.[5][3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Nikos has the ability to control and manipulate the emotions of people. He used this ability to form a harem of beautiful women that serve him zealously, committing crimes for him and dying for him.

Both of his runaway children have greater range with their powers then he does.[6] His powers may have been limited to line of sight, and the effects continued even if he died. [7]

Regent suspected that his power gave him immunity from Nikos' power as it did his sister.[8] This likely stems from Nikos using his power to cause his children to Trigger.[1][5]



Nikos was born in Europe, later moved to Quebec.[9] Active for several years and never caught. His ability had him classified as "too dangerous to fight" due to the risk of him gaining control of anyone who opposed him, human or Parahuman. He was well known in North America.[10] More detail about how, why Heartbreaker was so hard to catch[11]:

"Heartbreaker is slippery. His location is rarely easy to pin down, he doesn't go out much, he'll use his women and kids to find good looking women or women he can use and add them to his circle. They run the errands.

Woman A has a fight with her boyfriend, drives the man away, and becomes more isolated, she heads to her job, orders in, and generally mopes and acts normal for a recent divorcee single mother. Enter Heartbreaker.

Haha, no. Heartbreaker was there from the beginning. He targeted her and her daughter, had her drive her spouse away and disconnect from extended family, and moved his flock into the nice house... a surprising number of people can be fit into a house if they're willing/forced to sleep five or six people to a room.

Maybe target the neighbors too, if there isn't enough room around. Woman A continues to work, embezzles from the company, and disappears from the grid. Authorities only learn that Heartbreaker was there after the fact, when they connect the dots.

The group moves on to Woman B, who happens to work in a police station or PRT office. She's not that attractive, but she's useful. Like Woman A, she continues to work, but she keeps an ear to the ground regarding all things Heartbreaker related.

Maybe it's one of the once-a-year times when something slips. A kid gets recognized. Forces mobilize, the mole alerts Heartbreaker. Forces teleport in or mobilize via. flying vehicles, and Heartbreaker is already gone and running. He's got kids like Guillaume and the like, who already have dozens of unwitting spies watching (Guillame touches everyone in a crowd, and senses through their eyes, like Taylor's swarm sense, minus the control aspect, and can temporarily blind them or fuzz their senses), allowing the escape route to be plotted, and the group gets a few seconds of warning time before the flying suit passes over the area. Capes are forced to move in groups, because moving out alone means running the risk that Cherish might sense them, and the small group of Heartbreaker's kids, a handful of captured capes, and his elite zealot-soldiers could flank them and give Heartbreaker the moment he needs to wololo the solo cape.

Meanwhile, the women he's tired of are armed and ready to fight like the worst kind of zealot, convinced he's in the bedroom. The heroes approach, forming a perimeter, and neighbors of the initial victim make a move, flanking, opening fire with hunting rifles or improvised weapons. Chaos, fires are set.

It's hell - fighting guerilla forces made up of people you really don't want to hurt, blameless. Heartbreaker moves out to the periphery of the city to live in a rural location, or just disappears into another densely populated neighborhood. Authorities maintain warnings and circulate pictures, they keep an eye on things, root out moles, and everyone knows but few say that the open confrontations are too costly, and the subtle stuff is matched by the power of this one cape and his nine or so cape children. It's bad enough with controlled assaults, but bringing a Kill Order into it? Crazies coming out of the woodwork, making mistakes? Nightmare."

Story StartEdit

Two of his children, Jean-Paul and Cherie, ran away from him.[1]


Made initial forays into Brockton Bay looking for his wayward children.[12]

Saw a video where one of his children died.[13]


Nikos was killed by Imp who then adopted his children as a way of honoring the memory of Regent.[14]

They formed quite an effective team.[15][16]

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