The Heartbroken are the supervillian family headed by Nikos Vasil, and later a team led by Aisha Laborn.

Modus operandi Edit

All the heartbroken are focused on protecting Heartbreaker and ensuring his legacy. To give his children the needed experience Nikos made sure they could practice on needed the subjects including each other.[1] Heartbreaker tries to keep his family together and will send his children to collect any strays.[2] This gave the family several empowered children who could gather information for him and even fight if they have to.[3]

When Imp removed Heartbreaker she redirected them to safeguard a different legacy.


The Heartbroken are the worst mix of an extended family and a cult, like the Fallen or the Clans, though far smaller. Instead of praying on the destitute or mentally unhealthy they can go out and abduct those people directly.[4] Tasks are delegated to members of the family so that Heartbreaker can focus on other concerns.[5]

The children needs are also met, to the excess.[6]

With the shift in leadership members in the field generally wore black.[7][8]

PRT ResponseEdit

Heartbreaker is rarely easy to pin down being constantly on the move. Taking over well off or well placed women to create safe houses and get information on what the PRT is doing about Heartbreaker.[9]

The controlled individuals would allow the creation of instant suicidal soldiers that would try and protect where they think that Heartbreaker is located.[10]

Instead the PRT keeps alerts out so that they can be netted. All in all it is a dangerous situation with multiple innocents enmeshed into the group.[11]

They did respond when Nikos broke his patterns and kidnapped someone famous. Launching a full scale raid to try and free the actress. While it is unknown if it was successful it severely damaged the cult's resources.[12]



Formed with the help of Heartbreakers powers.


The Heartbroken began investigating Brockton Bay looking for any wayward siblings. [13] After Jean-Paul sacrificed his life for her, Aisha made the resolution to remove Nikos in Jean-Paul's memory.[14]


Nikos was killed by Aisha with the help of Citrine. She moved most of the family to Brockton Bay and formed them into a team.[15]

Gold MorningEdit

Presumably survived with little to no casualties even with the opening strike on the East Coast. Kept close to Imp during lulls in the action.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Imp formed his children into a effective policing force.[7][16]


Name Description
Nikos Vasil Could affect peoples emotions long term. Got on the bad side of Imp.
Aisha Laborn Gained her current position by killing Heartbreaker, with the assistance of Citrine.
Family Members
Jean-Paul Vasil AKA Hijack was known for several reasons, Left over his fathers controlling nature.
Cherie Vasil AKA Cherish left and joined the Slaughterhouse Nine. Left over her fathers lack of vision
Guillaume Vasil Can see through the eyes of anyone they touch can temporarily blind or hamper their senses as well.[3]After Cherie left, Guillaume and Nicholas were sent by their father to retrieve her. They found her a few times and forced her to pack up and run somewhere else to avoid them. Eventually, she joined the Slaughterhouse Nine to scare them away.
Nicholas Vasil Nicholas has the ability to induce high levels of fear in other people. After Cherie left, Guillaume and Nicholas were sent by their father to retrieve her. They found her a few times and forced her to pack up and run somewhere else to avoid them. Eventually, she joined the Slaughterhouse Nine to scare them away.
Samuel Vasil Young teenager with blond curls. Has the ability to sense humans. The extent of his abilities are unknown. When allied with Imp, he is seen acting as the voice of reason among himself, Florence, and Juliette.
Juliette Vasil Usually speaks with out inflection. May have been over-exposed to her father's powers.
Florence Vasil Florence has the ability to implant devastating, permanent post-hypnotic compulsions on people she has physical contact with. She picked on her siblings, as such they tended to avoid her whenever possible.
Nathan Vasil An unpowered member of the family, a victim of Florence's torment


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    “Right,” he said.

    “Anyways, it got old real fast, them constantly finding me, constantly making me pack up and run somewhere else. Besides, the freedom to do what I wanted and go where I wished kind of lost its appeal when the boredom set in. I would’ve done it even if my big brothers weren’t coming for me, but I joined the Nine.” - Excerpt from Interlude 11g
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    Haha, no. Heartbreaker was there from the beginning. He targeted her and her daughter, had her drive her spouse away and disconnect from extended family, and moved his flock into the nice house... a surprising number of people can be fit into a house if they're willing/forced to sleep five or six people to a room.
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    Meanwhile, the women he's tired of are armed and ready to fight like the worst kind of zealot, convinced he's in the bedroom. The heroes approach, forming a perimeter, and neighbors of the initial victim make a move, flanking, opening fire with hunting rifles or improvised weapons. Chaos, fires are set.
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  12. “But it didn’t happen. Time passed, he never made a push for it. Guillaume got his power, you know. Ten or so of us kids, and three of us could control people one way or another. Four if we count you. We had what we needed to pull off something huge, and Daddy decided he wanted a celebrity among his girls. Took us on a road trip to a film set in Vancouver, kidnapped this star, took her back to Montreal. So petty.”

    “Somehow I’m not surprised.”

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    Worst days since right after Bsaw. He won’t say in his letter but you would want to know. Got better when Red Hand and Heartbreaker came. - Excerpt from Drone 23.3
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    “Okay,” I answered. Fast response.

    No. Too fast. I reached out with bugs, and I sensed the crowd, the way they were standing.

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    There were a small handful of others.

    I looked at the rings on the memorial. “Heartbreaker’s.”

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