The Herren Clan, often known simply as the clan or the clans, were a cultlike family of white supremacists.

Goals and MethodsEdit

Like the Fallen, the Herren Clan were an extended family that included several parahumans and their children alongside unpowered family members.[1]

They were a white supremacist group seen as less "serious" and impressive than Empire Eighty-Eight, who they would contribute members to in a bid for recognition. Their ideology involved a lot of talk about "the old ways". There were frequent internal conflicts regarding whether to be organized or reckless and violent.[2]

Other white supremacists could join the clan, but this took time and required arranged marriages.[2][3]




Rune's parents succeeded in breaking away from the clan, but she returned to them in a fit of teenage rebellion. Her crimes with the clan and resulting imprisonment resulted in her trigger event. Eventually her parents were persuaded to return in exchange for financial support.[2]

At some point a major meeting of the clan was attacked by some parahumans. One made it through to attack Othala, who triggered. Someone, possibly an unpowered Victor, knocked out the assailant.[4]

According to Tattletale, Victor was intending to marry a member of the clan in order to secure his place. He genuinely loved her, but something happened to the girl. Othala was the replacement.[3]

References Edit

  1. -The Fallen ( A gang of Endbringer cultists. I love the idea of a cult in the Wormverse ) Similar to the Herren Clan, they're a group of families with some members having powers, based around the southern states. They figured out that people with powers tend to have kids with powers, and are making the most of it. This leads to families with strong threads of a particular power type running through them. - Wildbow on Reddit
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    The Herren Clan wants to be a serious organization, but isn't quite there. Every person they can commit to a more serious group like Kaiser, though, gives them more legitimacy and support, and pushes them toward being a stronger organization.

    This creates a sort of friction within the group that has some people trying to be organized, and others pushing for more reckless violence and conflict in hopes of getting more triggers or just being seen as 'good soldiers.' Lots of talk of 'old ways', with meetings called 'moots', among other things. Other supremacist groups can join the clan through marriage, but breaking in seriously is hard, requiring years of membership, marriage to solidify the deal, having children and getting them involved, and proving one's own worth. This makes it hard for undercovers to break in. Given the number of warring minor factions, the effect drives a lot of recruitment - one family might well want to reach out to guys further south or west to bulk up their own forces and better push their own agendas. - Wildbow on Reddit
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