Hive 5.9
Date posted 3 December 2011
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Hive 5.9 is the ninth chapter of Hive. Lung fights E88, Sundancer makes a sun and Kaiser stabs Lung, Lung gets back up and Skitter puts him down.
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Drawn by wolfofragnarok on DeviantArt


Kaiser tries to kill Lung to the objection of Skitter, he pierces the dragon man's chest and seems to kill him. Lung gets up and knocks Kaiser aside. He disables Menja as well to the anguish of Fenja.

Sundancer steps up and unveils a devastating sun that melts everything around her. It is able to set Lung back but the dragon-man adapts.

Skitter finally steps up, wielding her knife; intentionally provoking Lung. He picks her up with his gigantic hand possibly intending to crush her.

Skitter is able to take Lung down thanks to some help from an unconscious and unwitting Newter. She uses a bug to wipe up a bit of his hallucinogenic blood and then has another bug fly a bit of it into Lung's eyes. This lets the blood directly affect Lung's brain. Taking him down.


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