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Brad Matthews[2], publicly known as Hookwolf, is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Hookwolf had "a tendency for violence and a thirst for blood", and sometimes thought that he would have done better in an era where martial glory was more valued.[3] Related to this, he followed something of a personal "warriors code" that supposedly guided his actions. Meadows was largely opportunistic, enjoying the protection of Empire Eighty-Eight after he murdered someone. He seems to have taken to their philosophy as a matter of course and likely did not believe it.[4]

He refused to turn his back on The Chosen, calling them "his people". Shatterbird, who had studied him, blackmailed him by leaving instructions to target his followers as part of his "tests" for the Nine if she were killed or if he refused to join.[3]

He was overly attached to the "wolf" theme, leading him to take suboptimal forms.[5]


Brad is a big man, hairy, with long, greasy blond hair, an "E88" tattoo on one bicep, and a wolf superimposed on a swastika on the other. Usually wears a metal wolf mask in human form, as a reference to his favorite metal form.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Hookwolf can transform into a shifting mass of hooks, blades and other weapons. He prefers to assume of the form of a large wolf-like creature, but is not limited to that shape.[3] Under the influence of Jacob, Meadows began showcasing his versatility assuming forms like like a Wolf-headed serpent or even an amorphous glob of blades.[7] Even when he appeared human, Hookwolf had metal encasing each of his muscles.[3][2]

Hookwolf perceives his power as him pushing metal out from a 'core', into which he can draw his fleshy human body for protection.[3] Hookwolf's eyes still remain human, but are protected by a shifting screen of blades.[3] It took him energy to create metal, although he was able to "recycle" it by drawing it back into his core.[3]

His alternate form can take an amazing amount of damage, being torn in half by Leviathan. However, when this happened, the 'core' remained undamaged. This allowed Hookwolf to shift his remaining half back into his unscathed human state.[8] He was unable to change back for a while after being so depleted.[citation needed]



Hookwolf was a trained fighter "before he was a fighter with powers".[3] He fought in illegal lethal parahuman fighting rings alongside Stormtiger and Cricket before having to go into hiding to escape a murder charge.[9] Hookwolf had murdered someone who was considered an acceptable target by Empire Eighty-Eight and would fight alongside them for protection.[9]

He was known to have escaped while being transported to the Birdcage twice.[6] Because he was sentenced to the Birdcage, the normal steps to protect his identity weren't taken.[10]

Story StartEdit

Hookwolf had risen to being the right hand man of EE8. He also gained income from several illegal dog fighting rings.

Staged ambush on the police barricade during the rampage caused by E88's identities being revealed.[9]

Faced off against Leviathan when he came to the city, being one of the front liners who faced the beast.[11]


With Empire Eighty-Eight's leadership gone, Hookwolf formed his own faction - Fenrir's Chosen, and started claiming territory and recruiting people in the devastated Brockton Bay.[1]

Slaughterhouse 9 Edit

He turned down recruitment by the Slaughterhouse 9 but after exposure to Bonesaw's agnosia miasma he was successfully recruited.[3] Forgetting his friends and loved ones and snapped up for the Nine.

Following this he was further twisted into a loyal member of the Nine shedding whatever fictions he had as a moral code while in the group.[12] He slowly lost more and more of his mind as well.[13]

Would go into stasis with the Nine and come back for the Slaughterhouse 9000 war.

Post-Timeskip Edit

Jack Slash rode him to take advantage of his many blades. Met his end when Foil pierced his organic core with one of her empowered projectiles.[14]

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