Maria Whitworth known as Horizon is a member of The Protectorate and the tentative head of its Anchorage branch.


Professional and no-nonsense eager and able for advancement. Strong sense of justice.


Husband Edit

A non-cape who makes a living online as a musician/sound tech. [1] While she does love her husband they agreed that they did not want children.

Cape Community Edit

Spent time under the mentorship of each of the Triumvirate.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Horizon has three types of enhanced senses. She can use only one at a time.

  • Zoomed sight with simultaneous viewing and processing of multiple scenes in F.O.V.
  • Sight through inorganic material. Can be used to locate persons through walls.
  • Organic sight that allows her to see the inner workings of an individual’s body in detail.

Has an explosive touch linked to perception.

Her striker ability is somehow linked to the quality and quantity of her focus on a target. It has ranged from delivering blows at five or so times the usual strength to obliterating large vehicles. The variance in effectiveness sometimes drastically changes from one moment to the next.[3]

Has learned to lipread with good accuracy.[4]



Married a musician, reassigned to anchorage from detroit to pursue chance to command her own team. [1]



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