Hunch is a superhero and member of the Boston Wards.


Has something of a sense of humor given his choice of a cape name and the similarity with his appearance.[2] Was content to be a cautious overwatch, not going directly into the action.[1]



Noted to be Weld's friend and a former teammate from his time on the Boston Wards team.[2]


Hunch has a twisted body that gives him a humpbacked appearance.[2] Is stated to be young, around Vista's age.[1]

Abilities and PowerEdit

Hunch is a precognitive with some qualitative difficulties,[3] had other non-detailed abilities.[2]



Hunch was a Case 53 lucky enough to be found by the Protectorate before anything really bad happened to him.[4]

He was not a field operative, instead relaying advice to field teams via comms.[1]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Hunch was trying to qualify as a PRT licensed precognizant, when the Echidna incident occurred Chief Director Costa-Brown weighed in on using him as the third reproducible prediction of the severity of coming events to label Echidna as an A-class threat.[3]


Was allegedly one of the 'monsters' along with Polish, that stayed in the Protectorate following certain revelations.[5]

Gold MorningEdit

While likely still a member of the Wards, he was used by Khepri as part of the gestalt that predicted the enemy.[6]


  • While Roulette also meets the criteria of a young limited precog who operated in Boston for a time, the referenced precog is explicitly male.[1]


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