Aisha Laborn, publicly known as the villainess Imp, is a member of the Undersiders, and the sister of Brian Laborn.

Appearance and Equipment Edit

Aisha is a beautiful African-American teenager. She was described as being as feminine as Brian was masculine, with high cheekbones, a long neck, impressive assets and a purple streak in her hair. She wears ripped denim shorts over neon green fishnet leggings and a strapless top.

Taylor was mildly upset to see someone so beautiful dressing in such a "trashy" way.[2]

As Imp, she wears a pale grey demon mask with black lenses, and a black scarf.[3] In her early role as information gatherer for the team Aisha carried binoculars, pens, notebooks, and a digital recorder,[4] she would later equipt herself with more lethal weaponry. Skitter later outfitted her with a spider silk costume that grew increasingly ill-fitting as she matured.


Imp has a similar personality to Regent, but being insolent and rebellious rather than lazy. She dislikes authority figures and often gripes with Regent about Skitter and Grue being in charge. She was described as being a flight risk by the care worker in charge of Grue guardianship case, advising him to take care that she feels equal and welcome in the environment. She has no qualms about lying to make her life easier and does her best to duck out of trouble and difficult relationships. She is often immature, but can be quite playful.

She believes her Mother's drug use during pregnancy messed with her brain development, causing ADHD. This upsets her a great deal, and is likely to explain her personality. She has a incredible hatred of drugs, and will react violently to anybody who sells them. She still has strong feelings for her Mother, spending time invisible in the apartment, watching her life. She hates the numerous boyfriends, and repeatedly hid the drugs in an attempt to get her Mother to stop taking them.[5]

Like Regent she has a violent personality, and explains in graphic detail how adept she is at psychological torment. She promises to drive Skitter insane if she harms Grue, showing how protective she can be of the people she cares for.

Her power fits and clashes with her personality. Having people forget about her fits with her psychological defense mechanisms, but she resents the fact that she will always be ignored. She describes the best times of her childhood as being when her Mother would forget about her, allowing her to watch hours of "brain rotting" cartoons.

It's possible that her mother's drug use during pregnancy led to Aisha's problems with judgement, memory, impulse control and learning ability.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Aisha's power renders her unnoticeable to the point where the people around forget she was even there in the first place.[7] When explaining why she let regent have control over her she said that Regent's control over her would break once he slept and her ability kicked in. As a downside to this ability, she has to consciously make herself visible to others, her power is always on otherwise.[8] classified as a stranger 5.[1] Unlike her brother she could still be found by scent but when her power is 'on' it is incredibly difficult to link that scent to her.[9]

In her interlude, there appears to be another level to her ability. She describes a growing power that disappears whenever she notices it, causing it to never manifest. She has no idea what would happen if it did.

Later development of her power has allowed verbal communication without having to reveal herself. Power made her immune to Khepri. She could use her power with fine control to only erase the last few moments of a conversation, repeating this until she found the right line to use.[10]



It's possible that her mother's drug use during pregnancy led to Aisha's problems with judgment, memory, impulse control and learning ability.[6]

When her parents divorced, she went to live with her mother while her brother went with their father. Her mother started abusing drugs and cycled through boyfriends which resulted in constantly changing disciplines and a chaotic upbringing for her.

At least one of her mother's boyfriends started abusing her and it was implied that she was molested by him. She sent a text to her brother saying 'help me' and after he got to the house and saw that she had been crying, he beat the man nearly to death which caused his trigger event.

Aisha's custody was then passed over to her father. While he was better than her mother, Brian planned to get their parents' parental rights terminated and become her guardian after he turned eighteen. It was to get money to pay for the legal fees that her brother decided to became a villain. Her brother told her he had powers and she figured out his alias after studying pictures of various villains around town.

Story StartEdit

Aisha first shows up in dialogue as a reason for her brother Brian to do what he does. she actually shows up in the apartment complex bringing her social worker there early.


Aisha triggered and revealed her new powers to her brother. She was immediately inducted into the Undersiders for everyone's collective good. Was unsurprised when Taylor revealed she was enamored with her brother while trying to get back on the team.

Played a large part in getting the Undersiders into Protectorate ENE Headquarters and helping to steal the data.

Would stay behind to spy on the truce meeting.

She would take it upon herself to seek out the Slaughterhouse Nine and see if they could assassinate them. She failed.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Aisha was willing to kill Skitter when she thought the woman had betrayed her brother and turned on the Undersiders again.

Was a massive help in the Echidna fight, and helped remove many inconvenient enemies.


Helped Regent with territory cleaning.


After killing Heartbreaker with the aid of Citrine,[citation needed] she became the leader of the Heartbroken. She welcomed Weaver back to Brockton Bay and had some fun messing with her former boss.

Participated in the extermination of the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand personaly disposing of a Nice Guy.

After Brian died at the Oil-rig battle Aisha collaborated with Lisa to keep the truth from Taylor.

Was instrumental in the infiltration of Cauldron's Base.

Gold MorningEdit

When the solution to the problem was being constructed Imp was looking after Taylor.

After the end she began a mission to protect Taylor's legacy, a educate herself in classic literature so she could become a high class educated villian to also honor Regent.


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