Incident at Arcadia High

Primarily verbal conflict at Arcadia high


July 8, 2011


Arcadia High, Brockton Bay

  • Skitter's civilian identity is revealed to the public.
  • Skitter escapes
Damage Sustained/Casualties


  • Dragon rendered mute
  • Various heroes injured

Incident at Arcadia High refers to Director Tagg's attempt to apprehend Skitter at Arcadia High with the assistance of Defiant and Dragon during their visit to Brockton Bay.


After the fights with the Nine and Echidna peace and order are finally restored to the Brockton Bay, which results in reopening of Arcadia High for all Brockton Bay students.

At first Taylor Hebert decides not to bother going to school, but soon changes her mind to avoid the risk of Greg revealing her cape identity.

During her stay at Arcadia Skitter encounters Emma Barnes, reminiscing about the old times and participiating in a verbal fight. At one point Emma grabs Taylor, which leads the whole affair to move to Principal's office. Out there Emma is punished and Taylor's name is put into the computer system, which alerts the heroes to the Skitter's location.


Adamant, Sere, Kid Win, and Clockblocker are the main opponents at first, but throughout the fight Dragon and Defiant join in and Skitter is forced into the corner. Dinah's involvement is revealed, Taylor threathens violence and hero's exposure and finally leaves in a cordon of student's protection.


Skitter's public identity is revealed, which marks the start of the Undersiders vs PRT war in Brockton Bay. Power shifts are immediate and marks the beginning of the end of Skitter's engagement in Undersider's affairs.

A recording of the discussion between Dragon Defient and Taylor was made and disseminated through news media, Raising the Bay's public profile again.

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