Infestation is an arc from the Worm series. It is preceded by Parasite and followed by Plague.

Summary Edit

Taylor claims a territory and begins to establish infrastructure, providing food, shelter, protection, and supplies to the people of her section of the city. Sneaking into a Merchants gathering with Tattletale and four of Coil's mercenaries to retrieve a missing person earns her her first two employees: Sierra, whose brother was taken in by the Merchants, and Charlotte, an abductee they encountered and rescued who recognizes Taylor from high school. Faultline's Crew disrupts the gathering and retrieves a prize of their own: a briefcase with the same symbol as the Case 53s, containing canisters purported to give the user superpowers.

The Slaughterhouse Nine arrive.

Eight interludes cover the Nine's visits to certain parahumans, mostly their chosen recruits.

Chapters Edit

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