Infestation 11.6
Date posted June 5, 2012
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Infestation 11.6 is the sixth chapter of Infestation. Gladiatorial combat Merchant style! Scrub triggers and everyone interesting faints. And Faultline's Crew prepares an entrance.


The group plus charlotte is caught up in the melee. It is an understanable chaos.

Enough that someone has an actual trigger event. A rather messy one to.

The strange vision plays across parahumans minds. It is quickly and strangly forgotten. Tattletale spouts nonesense.

Skidmark names the new parahuman scrub, over scrub's own sugesstion. The 'powers in a can' is offered to one of scrubs friends. The one that actually helped scrub.

While thos happens Skitter notices that Faultlines crew was about to attack.


The UndersidersEdit

Coil's OrganizationEdit

The MerchantsEdit

Faultline’s CrewEdit


Major EventsEdit

  • Lisa witnesses a trigger event; she speaks of what she saw in the visionearns more about shards and forgets, Taylor and Charlotte witness it.