Insinuation is an arc from the Worm series. It is preceded by Gestation and followed by Agitation.


Taylor returns to school the following day, but gives up and leaves partway through the day after repeat encounters with the bullies and Mr. Gladly. After some online research, she discovers an invitation to meet with the villains from the previous night, and accepts.

At the meeting, Tattletale, Grue, and Regent invite her to join their team, the Undersiders. She agrees, planning to learn more about them and turn them over to the Protectorate. Bitch interrupts her tour of the team's loft by attacking the newcomer, but Taylor surprises the others by giving as good as she gets. Grue breaks up the fight and convinces Taylor to stay despite the hostilities. He and Tattletale give the combatants first aid while explaining more about the team's operations, and Taylor calls her dad to tell him she's hanging out with friends.


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