Insinuation 2.1
Date posted 5 July 2011
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Insinuation 2.1 is the first chapter of Insinuation. In it, Taylor Hebert is awkwardly questioned by her dad about what she did last night, and why her hair is burnt, before she gets ready for her morning run.


Taylor wakes up and heads downstairs to find her dad cooking breakfast. Danny tells her that she could go upstairs and sleep for another hour, saying that she doesn't have to go on her morning run, before Taylor tells him that she does. He then mentions that Gerry found work with Uber and Leet and they talk about that.

Danny mentions that he heard Taylor coming in late. He tells her that it wasn't the kind of area where she could go running in at night and then asked her what had gotten her so anxious. After hearing her answer, he asked her if her school situation was better before telling her not to go out at night again. When Taylor got up to wash her plate, he noticed the edges of her hair had been burnt and asked her about it. Taylor told him that it must've been the stove before Danny told her to be safe on her run.


  • Taylor hides her costume in a coal chute in the basement before joining the Undersiders.
  • First mention of Über and Leet when Danny says they have hired a dockworker called Gerry as a henchman.
    • Also a mention of a previous escapade of theirs, where they dressed up as Tron characters.