Insinuation 2.2
Date posted July 9, 2011
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Insinuation 2.2 is the second chapter of the Insinuation arc. In it, Taylor researches The Undersiders and the ABB while at school.


Taylor goes to school, and uses her Computer class, taught by Mrs. Knott, to look up various capes on Parahumans Online, a cross between a wiki and a online forum. She looks up Tattletale and Grue, finding minimal information. When she searches Hellhound however, she finds a wealth of info, detailing Rachel Lindt's childhood, trigger event and subsequent homelessness. She also has a red box, detailing that she is dangerous and should not be approached. The last member of the Undersiders, Regent, disappointingly has no page at all.

She moves onto members of the ABB after doing her schoolwork, first going to Lung's page. There, she reads about the ABB, revealing more information about the gang. Oni Lee and Bakuda are next, with details on their costumes and powers, where Oni Lee also has a red box.

Lung's capture is also detailed on his page, alongside his previous battles listed as minor losses against many other hero teams. Armsmaster is listed as arresting him, and he is assumed to be going to the Birdcage.

Finally, Taylor finds that Tattletale has left her a message and wants to meet up.



Azn Bad BoysEdit



  • Parahumans Online had little to no information on the Undersiders with the exception of Hellhound prior to Taylor joining them.
  • This is the first mention of superpowers being something that manifests, as well as athe first offhand mention of the Guild.

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