Insinuation 2.3
Date posted 12 July 2011
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Insinuation 2.3 is the third chapter of Insinuation. In it, more of Taylor Hebert's school life is explored.


The chapter begins with Taylor entering her World Studies class, taught by Mr. Gladly, Taylor's least favourite teacher. She asks for a new textbook, as her own was damaged by grape juice[1], and Mr. Gladly gives her a textbook, reminding her to pay the fee by the end of the week.

Gladly tells the class to break into groups of four, and share their homework and prepare to present it to the class. Taylor joins Sparky and Greg Veder, the last group left. Julia arrives late, asking Gladly if she can join Madison Clements' already full group. He refuses, telling her to join Taylor's instead.

Madison's group moves closer, and Julia doesn't contribute to Taylor's at all, preferring to chat with her friends. When Taylor actually takes out her homework, Julia steals it from Greg and gives it to the other group.

Greg is chosen by Gladly to present, and he predictably does terribly. Madison's group does much better, using quite a bit of Taylor's work, though being incorrect on the topic of mundane law enforcement.

After class, Gladly asks Taylor to stay behind. He explains that he is aware of her bullying, listing several incidents, and asking whether she would be willing to go to the principal. Taylor raises the issue of expulsion, and Gladly says that the students involved would not be expelled. Taylor refuses the offer, telling Gladly that the bullying would only get worse, and exits the classroom, where Emma Barnes, Madison, Sophia Hess and a half-dozen other girls waiting for her.