Insinuation 2.4
Date posted July 16, 2011
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Insinuation 2.4 is the fourth chapter of the Insinuation arc. In it, Taylor Hebert is bullied by several other school girls.


Emma Barnes, Madison Clements, Sophia Hess and six other girls have trapped Taylor in a corner of the hallway outside her classroom. Every girl except Emma is insulting Taylor, pretending to be talking to each other for plausible deniability. Most of their insults are contradictory, mixing "slut" with "ugly".

Mr. Gladly exits his classroom behind the girls, giving Taylor a look as the girls insult her, before leaving. After a few minutes more, the girls seem to be tiring, before Emma steps forward. She asks Taylor if she's "So upset [she's] going to cry herself to sleep for a whole week?", purposely echoing something Taylor said when her mother died.

Taylor bursts into tears, abandoning her backpack, containing her new textbook and repaired mid-term art project, to Sophia as she flees the school.


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