Insinuation 2.5
Date posted July 19, 2011
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Insinuation 2.5 is the fifth chapter of the Insinuation arc. In it, Taylor agrees to meet The Undersiders.


After the bullying incident in the previous chapter, Taylor travels to the Brockton Bay central library while contemplating the Undersiders. She replies to Tattletale's message, wanting proof that she was indeed who she said she was. Tattletale replies a few minutes later, with a vague description of last night's battle and a request to meet at the sight of the battle at three o'clock. Taylor starts to panic as she notices that Tattletale refers specifically to the library as Taylor's location. Taylor decides that she would rather meet them than do nothing for the rest of the day, replying to Tattletale's message that she would see her at three.


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