Insinuation 2.6
Date posted 23 July 2011
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Insinuation 2.6 is the sixth chapter of Insinuation. In it, Taylor agrees to join The Undersiders.


Taylor decides to show up to the meeting with The Undersiders in costume. Taylor senses three figures on the rooftop using her bugs, and climbs to the roof. Her arrival settles a bet between Regent and Tattletale on whether Taylor would turn up in costume, which Tattletale wins.

Grue introduces himself as Brian, Tattletale as Lisa and Regent as Alec, with Bitch as Rachel, sitting this one out, as she didn't agree with the aim of the meeting, i.e asking Taylor to join.

Lisa offers Taylor two grand, with the choice between whether to take the money and leave with goodwill towards The Undersiders, or else join them, with this as her first monthly payment. Taylor notes Brian mentioning a "boss" and an earlier failed recruitment pitch to Spitfire, who joined Faultline instead.

The Undersiders need Taylor as firepower against the other gangs of the city, the Empire Eighty-Eight, Faultline’s Crew and the remaining ABB, as their only hard-hitter is Bitch. Taylor argues that she wouldn't be able to do anything against the likes of Alexandria, Glory Girl, or Aegis.

Lisa uses the example of Lung to illustrate her point, explaining that, due to the Protectorate's sedatives, Taylor's bug's poisons caused large-scale necrosis, even stopping Lung's heart several times.

The chapter finishes with Taylor agreeing to join the Undersiders with the intention of finding the identity of their boss.



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