Insinuation 2.7
Date posted 26 July 2011
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Insinuation 2.7 is the seventh chapter of Insinuation. In it, The Undersiders bring Taylor Hebert back to their base as their newest member.


Taylor changes out of her costume, introducing herself by name to the present members of The Undersiders, Lisa, Brian and Alec. As a group, they walk through the Docks, which Taylor notes as looking like a ghost town, though she spots several normal people wandering about.

They reach the Undersider's base, a large closed off factory, labeled "Redmond Welding". They enter through a small door in the side, climbing a spiral staircase in the corner to the much cleaner second floor. Lisa shows Taylor around the loft, explaining that they will clear out the storage closet for her room. Lisa mentions that the last time Brian stayed here, rather than in his apartment, he had been injured by Shadow Stalker and bled over and ruined a nine hundred dollar couch.

Lisa explains her power as "filling in the blanks" of her information, using the example of knowing Taylor was at the library.

Taylor asks Brian and Alec what their powers are, but before they can answer, three dogs enter, attacking Taylor.


  • The Library scene was two chapters ago.[1]


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