Insinuation 2.8
Date posted July 30, 2011
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Insinuation 2.8 is the eighth chapter of the Insinuation arc. In it, Bitch attacks Taylor with her dogs, and Taylor reconsiders joining The Undersiders.


Worm commission wip by drunkfu-d54mtuy

Drawn by DrunkFu on deviantart

The chapter begins with Taylor curled up in a fetal position, being attacked by Bitch's dogs. Brian is forced to punch Rachel, causing a nosebleed and forcing her into calling off her dogs. Alec and Lisa help Taylor up while Brian admonishes Rachel. Taylor gets angry, irrationally calling her bugs into the room and running at Rachel.

She kicks at Rachel's head, but the shorter girl blocks the attack with her arms. Taylor distracts the dogs using a wall of bugs before beating up Rachel, kicking her several times in the ribs and the head. By this time, the dogs have gotten over their fear of bugs, running to attack Taylor, but Brian interferes, using his power to get between them. Both combatants recover, but Taylor is angry enough that she decides to leave the Undersiders. Brian attempts to use his power to hinder her exit, but Taylor uses her bugs to navigate in his darkness, leaving the Undersider's base.

Brian runs out after her, no longer using his power, and explains that he'd rather have Taylor than Rachel, but for a myriad of reasons, including his 'mysterious boss', he's stuck with Rachel. He also points out that Taylor is injured from the dog attack, and has left her belongings at the base. Taylor agrees that she'll come back, if only to deny Rachel's satisfaction at having driven her out.


The Undersiders Edit

Bitch's DogsEdit

Major EventsEdit

  • Taylor has her first confrontation with Rachel, ending in a win for Taylor, though Rachel's dogs could have killed her immediately.


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