Insinuation 2.9
Date posted 2 August 2011
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Insinuation 2.9 is the ninth chapter of Insinuation. In it, Taylor Hebert socializes with the The Undersiders.


Taylor returns with Brian to the loft, greeted by Lisa and Alec. Brian helps assess Taylor's wounds, which seem limited to some bad bruises, a cut on her ear, and a bad gash on her forearm which needs to be stitched up. Alec seems impressed at Taylor's standing up for herself, and while Brian retrieves a wash towel for the blood, he shows off his power on the boy. Brian trips and falls to the floor while returning from the washroom, and Lisa actually explains his power as the two playfight. Alec has the ability to trigger reflexes or make body parts jerk.

Taylor guesses Bitch's power is to turn her dogs into the freakish monsters she saw the previous day.[1] Lisa corrects Taylor to say Bitch's real name, Rachel, rather than her cape name and confirms her suspicions, though Rachel can use any dog, not just her own.

Taylor mentions that Brian's power doesn't seem to be just darkness generation as the Parahumans Online wiki article suggested, as it also messes with noise. Brian mentions that he himself edited the article to say that, while Lisa says that the darkness also block radio signals and other types of radiation.

Taylor notices the dim light from the windows, prompting her to ask what time it is. Lisa replies immediately and without looking at a clock that it's 4:41. Taylor decides to stay at the base for dinner. She calls her dad, telling him that she's hanging out with people. This is so unusual that he immediately suspects that someone is coercing her, possibly her bullies, and asks her to say her mother's full name. Taylor assuages his worries, saying "Annette Rose Hebert", along with the lie that her new friends seem like good people.





  • Rachel's is given a cursory explanation and confirms that she is responsible for the dogs.[1]