Interlude 10
Date posted 15 May 2012
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10 (Interlude; Alec) is the seventh chapter of Parasite. Regent did not, in fact, let Shadow Stalker go and now proceeds to ruin her life.


Shadow Stalker's downfall. Regent assumes control of her and runs her around the city, using her powers. He gets into her phone and sends a text conversation of her and Emma tormenting Taylor to Sophia's teachers and the police. Regent has her go home and reveal her identity to her siblings, and threaten her mother. She storms up to her room, grabbing an extension cord on the way, and sets up a noose. Regent stops just short of hanging her, explaining that he can easily take control again, and orders her to leave the city.

The perspective is largely Regent's along with what Sophia feels thanks to Regent using her as a puppet.


The UndersidersEdit

Hess friends and familyEdit

  • Mother
  • Siblings
  • Emma