Interlude 11a
Date posted 16 June 2012
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11a (Anniversary; Rachel) is the first anniversary interlude for the Infestation arc. Rachel’s past and her meetings with those who couldn't possibly understand her and one terrifying person who might.


Rachel ruminates on her past actions and broader history.

She came from a varying neglectful and abusive background that stunted her development. when she had the chance for comfort with an animal friend this was twisted by her foster parent into a punishment. The drowning of the dog caused Rachel to trigger and become bitch.

In the present day she thinks on her betrayal of Skitter and how her 'friends' must hate her and like taylor because she is social.

She defends her territory against people who are squatting there, trying to drive them out. Maiming one of them long term the man is saved by the heroes. New Wave members Brandish and her daughter Glory Girl intervene and fight the dogs, things don't turn out well for anyone.

The stalemate breaks when a crazy naked women arrives. The naked women has a plesent conversation with Bitch, kills a man, and leaves.

The gift turns out to be a group of roughed up minions and a agressive wolf puupy with a question.

Are you a dog or a wolf?

Major EventsEdit

  • The Siberian speaks and leaves a single witness to it.
  • Bitch gets a present.


  • Not wanting her minions to use Coil's doctors speaks to an underlying bias against the man that will serve her well.


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