Interlude 11c
Date posted June 18, 2012
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Interlude 11c is the third anniversary interlude for the Infestation arc. In which Faultlines Crew is paid a visit by one of their members old friends.


Burnscar is able to incapacitate Faultlines Crew with liberal amounts of fire.

Mimi, Burnscar, then meets with Elle, Labyrinth, and asks to see her new creations. However, Mimi only reminds Elle of the asylum. As such she can only recall the shapes she created there. Mimi eventually leaves with Elle trying to offer some words of comfort for the doomed women.

After waiting for a bit Labyrinth goes to revive her downed teammates.


Faultline’s CrewEdit

Slaughterhouse NineEdit


  • In Mimi we see an example of how powers can effect a persons personality, this will be explored further later on in Worm.