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Date posted 14 February 2013
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Interlude 18
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18.f (Donation Interlude 4; Faultline) is the twelfth chapter and fourth interlude of Queen. Faultline's Crew hunts for clues about Cauldron, their travels take them to some of the most dangerous locales in the world, like |Wisconsin. Someone calls to hire them, and someone else gives them a warning.


Attack on a former Parahuman Asylum employee who has done surprisingly well for himself.

They infiltrate Madison and recruit a new member.

They head back to their hotel, Faultline and Shamrock head downstairs to find out that Tattletale is contacting them on behalf of Coil for a job. They see a woman pass them by.

Faultline's crew is demolished by the woman, and she leaves a message:

Final warning.


Faultline’s CrewEdit

Madison detaineesEdit

  • Several scared survivalists
  • mattie (leaves)


Tattletale's OrganizationEdit

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