Queen 18.z
Date posted February 7, 2013
Link Interlude 18 (Donation Bonus 3)
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18.z (Donation Interlude #3; Jessica Yamada, Therapist) is the ninth chapter of the Queen Arc. Dr Yamada has meetings with her patients ... including one new one.


A week in the life of Jessica Yamada, one of the three therapists qualified to treat parahumans and capes.

Thursday Sveta was waiting above the doorway to her room when Dr. Yamada arrived for their session. Her tendrils wrapped around Dr. Yamada's suit and then constricted before Sveta apologized. Dr. Yamada told her to focus on her relaxation exercises, but Sveta said that it was just making it worse. An airbag gave way and Sveta apologized again before saying that they should've talked through the mirrors and that she didn't want Dr. Yamada to die. Dr. Yamada told her that the point of the sessions was to socialize her before hushing her and telling her to focus on her relaxation exercises.

Eventually, Sveta was able to uncoil from Dr. Yamada's suit and move herself over to her 'bed' while settling her organs on a shelf on the post. She apologized again, but Dr. Yamada said she understood. Sveta asked about the patient that Dr. Yamada had seen, only for Dr. Yamada to remind her that she couldn't talk to others about her patients. Sveta said she understood before asking if the patient was a bad guy like she had been - saying that she had killed people before. Dr. Yamada told her that it was her power that had killed them and that they would talk about it in their session before telling her that a doctor might be able to tell her about the new patient through the intercom.

Dr. Yamada asked if she had been keeping her journal and Sveta grabbed it. The doctor asked if she could look at it and Sveta allowed her to. Dr. Yamada then asked her what had her so agitated before Sveta asked her why she wasn't scared of her. Dr. Yamada told her that she had no reason to be.

Her meetings with various wards including her old patient Weld.


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  • This is one of three chapters to be labeled "18.z".
  • This chapter originated a meme among the fandom that Jessica Yamada can cure anything.
  • Eidolon claims to have seen everything that happens to yammada that the chapter deals with.