Sting Interlude 26
Date posted August 10, 2013
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26.x (Interlude, …)‏ is the tenth chapter of the Sting arc. Trapped by Gray Boy, Scion reflects on his history. Coming to earth, meeting Kevin Norton, assisting humanity. And speaking for the first and only time. Reflecting on his real name, listening to Jack, Zion comes to a decision.


History of the entities, Scion and Eden. The birth of their species, their arrival, the bonding of the Shards, Eden's death. Scion wanders.

It is here that Scion's real name is revealed, Zion.

The events of the last chapter seen from Scion's perspective: Jack talks to Scion in his prison. Scion listens. The Gold Morning begins.


Entities Edit

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Slaughterhouse Nine Edit

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  • This chapter is mostly from the perspective of Scion, but small segments are from the perspective of Golem, Tattletale, and Saint.

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