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Date posted October 12, 2013
Link Interlude 29; Fortuna
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Interlude 29 is an interlude and the final chapter of Venom. The Counterpart's perspective, it looks to the future, then crashes. Fortuna awakes, and sees the paths to victory. She slays Eve, and becomes Contessa. Cauldron is founded. Contessa fakes her death, then meets Teacher.


Flesh Garden by Lonsheep

Image by lonsheep on Reddit.

The shard that Eden was using to plot a path to an optimal future is lost to a young girl who turns it against the Entities.

Fortuna looks into the possible futures that the entities could create.


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Major EventsEdit

  • Eden and Abaddon collide, the information gained distracts Eden causing it to crash into the earth.
  • Contessa and Doctor Mother render Eden brain dead.
  • Doctor Mother and Contessa founded Cauldron in an attempt to stop Zion from exterminating humanity.
  • Contessa fakes her death to get away from the Irregulars and allies with Teacher following the destruction of Cauldron.

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