Interlude 3.5 (Bonus)
Date posted October 11, 2011
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Interlude 3½ (Bonus) is the seventh chapter of Shell. In it, Purity patrols the Docks and rejoins Empire Eighty-Eight under Kaiser.


Kayden prepares to head out in costume and offers to let Theo babysit Aster overnight to keep him from having to stay with Max. She flies to the Docks and patrols for ABB members, frustrated that her old informants haven't responded due to Max's influence.

Kayden returns downtown and heads to Max's company. They negotiate Theo's overnight stay, and Kayden asks Max to revive their old team to help her defeat the ABB and tries to justify not attacking white criminals. Kaiser offers her a position as second-in-command of the Empire and Medhall Corporation for a year and then leader after that. Purity considers the ramifications and then accepts, mentally asking Aster to forgive her.


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  • Was an apology for a mispost that spoiled people?