Interlude 6
Date posted 14 January 2012
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6x (Interlude; Canary) is the tenth chapter of Tangle. Canary’s conviction, meeting Lung and Bakuda, Incarceration, Lung establishes himself.


Bad Canary reflects on her life as she is sentenced and transported to the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center better known as the Birdcage.

During transport Paige witnesses her fellow prisoners try to escape. Bakuda trying to make a bomb from her prisoner coller and provoking Lung almost enough for him to escape.

However the duo are unprepared for Dragon's welcoming procedures, Dragon is apologetic to Paige while laying out the political situation in the Super-prison. Then they are all sent down the hole.

The perspective switches to Lung, reserved and respectful as he visits his subordinate. There he explains to his former subordinate what his strategy st the Birdcage would be. Bakuda explosively disagrees.


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  • This is the first mention of Marquis and Glaistig Uaine