Interlude 8.x
Date posted March 8, 2012
Link Interlude 8 (Bonus)
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Interlude 8.y is the third chapter of Extermination.Back in time: Tattletale in Broadwalk and Coil's men, detailed description of Tattletale's powers. Formation of Undersiders. Forth in time: Leviathan deductions, fight and fall.


Lisa's analysis of Leviathan is interspersed with flashbacks to an incident from her past - the story of how she came to join the Undersiders.

Tattletale talks to Grue about precautions she took in case she dies, and says that they will take care of Aisha in case anything happens to him.


The UndersidersEdit

The ProtectorateEdit

The GuildEdit

Coil's OrganizationEdit



  • The numbers given in this chapter for Endbringer durability were chosen to describe an exponential increase; an early clue to their incredible toughness.[1][2]

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