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Jacob, better known as Jack Slash, is the leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Manipulative, cunning, and dangerous, Jack took great pleasure in changing the world around him for the worse, treating the destruction he spread with the Slaughterhouse Nine as a game. Upon hearing that his actions would end the world he decided that he liked the idea.

He had a love of theatrics, deciding to let Theo Anders live for a year to trigger and kill him when he declared that he would kill him if he had the power, simply because he liked the idea of a grand confrontation between the two.

He also enjoyed the facade of the Slaughterhouse Nine as a family, with Bonesaw encouraged to keep up a cutesy child act to be the baby of the family, with Jack himself as the "daddy".

He claimed that he would always research his opponents in depth before a fight, allowing him to discern details of Purity's power.[1] Weaver described his fighting style thus: “He doesn’t really fight, unless he’s got his people around him and the fight’s unfair. Mostly, I was chasing him around, trying not to get killed in the process.”[2]


Jacob is tall and slender, occasionally wearing open button-down shirts to show off his lean torso. He has an attractive face similar to Johnny Depp's and pale blue eyes. He keeps his beard and mustache neatly trimmed in a goatee fashion with a sawtooth edge and has started to show the first signs of aging, with wrinkles forming around his eyes and grey hairs cropping up.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jack's primary power is a "space warping effect, so any blades he’s holding have an edge that extends a horrendously long distance, all with the optimal force behind the swing."[4] It probably wouldn't function on Armsmaster's Nano-thorn blades, because the blade isn’t what has the disintegration effect.[5]

Jack Slash has a secondary power that made him unusually hard to kill. Although some had speculated that he might, too few people survived meeting with him to be sure until the Slaughterhouse 9000.[6]

Jack's secondary power grants him enhanced intuition regarding parahumans, as well as an ability to influence the emotions of anyone connected to a shard. This allows him to avoid even attacks that he doesn't see coming, identify weak points, and maneuver his companions as if they were an unconscious extension of himself.[7] He instinctively avoids situations where he would be unable to avoid parahumans that he's unable to beat in a straight fight.[8] This makes him far more challenging to fight than his more obvious ability suggests, and has made him practically invincible for thirty years. It is suggested that this power is so subtle that he doesn't even know it exists.[6]

According to Scion, his powers are the result of receiving a weakened version of the "broadcast" shard that allowed communication between the Entities, which grants him both his blade-projection powers and his instinctive Thinker ability.[9]



Jacob was a young trigger. His mentally unbalanced parents shut him inside a bomb shelter with a radio link to his father, who gaslit him by convincing him that a war was underway. He triggered upon exiting the shelter and seeing that the world was fine, and having his entire reality challenged.[10]

At some point during or before 1987, Jack encountered King and joined the Slaughterhouse Nine. He felt great displeasure at King's interest in grooming him as a pet project or new "Gray Boy", conspired with Harbinger to kill him, and renamed himself "Jack Slash" with the specific intention of sounding harmlessly simple and absurd. At some point after they successfully murdered King, Harbinger left the Slaughterhouse Nine due to perceived differences in their methods, and Jack took over the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Under Jack's leadership, the Nine become synonymous with terror and death, caring nothing for political power or money. They seemed unstoppable, hitting towns throughout the United States seemingly at random and killing as many as they could before leaving. They notably avoided using bombs and more traditional methods of mass destruction, opting to kill personally using their powers.

The recruitment process became a trial in which each existing member of the Nine would torture and attempt to kill recruits and survival meant being accepted as a new member.


Jack and the rest of the Nine arrived in Brockton Bay in June 2011, a few weeks after Leviathan's attack, looking to recruit new members. Their candidates included Echidna, Regent, Armsmaster, Panacea, Oni Lee, and Bitch. During this time, they laid low, killing only a few civilians.

After being informed of the Nine's presence by Coil, Dinah Alcott made a prophecy that if Jack Slash was not killed before he left Brockton Bay he would set into motion the end of the world.

Jack tracks down Oni Lee and offers him a chance to join the Nine. When Lee refuses, the two fight, and Jack grievously injures Lee. He takes the wounded man to the Anders apartment and breaks in, dumping Lee in the bathtub and confronting Theo Anders. He tells Theo that he will kill him and Aster as soon as Purity returns home. During the subsequent conversation, Theo convinces Jack to spare them by promising that he will become a great hero and stop Jack. Purity then returns from grocery shopping and is about to attack Jack, but he tells her that her powers have been weakened by recent cloudy weather and overuse and that she has little chance of defeating him should they fight. She reluctantly allows him to leave with Oni Lee, whom he later gives to Bonesaw.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Fully informed of his role in ending the world Jack went about making it happen.

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