Jacklight is a member of the Ambassadors.

Appearance Edit

Jacklight wears a royal purple dress shirt and a grinning mask (like a jack-in-the-box).[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jacklight is capable if creating globes of light that grow as they fly, then stop in mid-air at planned areas. The orbs have a space-warping effect, some causing accelerating motions in the general area this can extend into certain types of energy as well.[2]

The area that the orbs affect may be based on their size. Regardless the orbs are restricted in the area they effect.[3][4] Further he did not showcase the ability to distinguished between allied and adverserial targets.[5]


Background Edit

Like all Ambassadors, he was recruited by Accord as a normal human, passing all his tests. He given a vial that gave him his powers.[6][7]

Post-Echidna Edit

Jacklight was recruited and given powers by the Ambassadors alongside Lizardtail, Ligeia, Codex, and a fifth recruit. Accord lent him to the Undersiders in exchange for Tattletale's analysis of his power[8].

During the assault on the Teeth, he used his power to disrupt and redirect the Spree duplicates. When Citrine gave the order, he tried to use his power on Butcher only for Butcher to teleport away before he could do any real damage.[8]

When Skitter and Bitch returned and told them of the plan's success, Jacklight slumped over in relief.


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