Dr Jessica Yamada was a parahuman psychologist employed by the Protectorate.

Personality Edit

Dr. Yamada was exceptionally dedicated to her job. She was willing to lecture Chevalier for breaking her rules, and to work with numerous dangerous parahumans.

She was an expert in parahuman psychology; providing information on Trigger Events that Weaver was unaware of, and sitting in on PRT meetings as a consultant.[1][2] Her focus was mainly on child parahumans.[3]

She was not without her faults however. She disliked much of the culture of the Capes. Such as the names they would choose. She encouraged her patients to use their real names.[4][5] She recognized this issue however.[6]

Known ClientsEdit



It took her eight years to train as a psychiatrist.[7]


She saw Shadow Stalker after she was kidnapped and tortured by Regent and the Undersiders.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

On June 16th 2011, she saw Glory Girl and Sveta at the Parahuman Asylum.

On June 17th she saw Clockblocker, Weld, and Flechette in the Brockton Bay Wards. She warned Miss Militia that her Wards were suffering from low morale. On June 18th she saw Kid Win and Vista.

On June 19th she was called in to cover for a colleague named Richmond.

On June 20th she saw Clockblocker, but the Mayoral debate was attacked by Coil, disrupting things. At 6am the next morning, she had a conversation with Eidolon about his problems.[1]


Was there during Skitter's Surrender.

Had to deal with one of her patients disparity after hearing the news about cauldron treatment.[8] She was paid a visit and accepted an invitation to the Irregulars.[9]

After a rocky start Ms Yamada settled into being the primary therapist for Weaver.[10]

Post-Gold Morning Edit

Talked with the green maiden.

Friend a therapy group in the two years before the Wardens offered her a long term position.[6]


  • Yamada's exceptional theraputic prowess has become something of a meme in the fandom.

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