Jouster was the lancer squad captain and team captain for the New York Wards.


Jouster had a medieval theme while utilizing a lance as his weapon.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Jouster was categorized as a Blaster-Striker hybrid. Channeled through his lance, several effects could be applied to a target giving him versatility in attack. These effects included "concussive blasts, fire, ice, lightning, suction and disintegration, among other things." However, for them to apply, he needed to hit the target with the end of the lance.[1]

To assist with this, Jouster had a secondary Mover ability that gave him a short-lived burst of speed. This allowed him to quickly close the gap with his target to more easily strike them with the lance.[2]


A team captain of New York Primary ward's team.[1]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine Edit

He was visibly shaken by the clones of Kudzu that needed to be killed.[3]


Jouster had choice words with Skitter over her exerting chastened Protectorate members to stay in the organization following the revelations of Ignis Fatuus.[4]

Participated in the retaliatory strike against The Adepts following their poaching of a Ward to the villains team. He had a bad attitude toward the newly inducted Weaver.[2]

Deployed to New Delhi to deal with the Endbringer there. He outfitted his former teammate Flechette, and tried to have a hurried conversation with her before she pulled away.[5]


Jouster was incapacitated when fighting a unit of the slaughterhouse 9000, it is unknown if this meant he was killed but he did not actively feature during the Gold Morning Crisis.[6]

References Edit


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