Gabriel Maxberry, known publicly as King, was the original leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


King was described as a seven foot tall, broad-shouldered, blond man.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

King had the ability to transfer his injuries to everyone that he touched within the last 24 hour period[2]. His power made him immune to the effects of Gray Boy's ability which is how he was able to get a hold of him. He also possessed enhanced strength and durability.



King was the initial leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine, before his death at the hands of Jack Slash and Harbinger.


King was one of the many former slaughterhouse nine members cloned by Bonesaw, nine served in the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand under king's former pupil Jacob. Another instance of him was combined with Hatchet Face to create Tyrant.

References Edit


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