Gabriel Maxberry, known publicly as King, was the original leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


King was described as a broad-shouldered blond man. He was half a foot taller than Jack Slash.[2]

Personality Edit

King would call his protege by his first name, Jacob, practically purring the word. He considered Jacob a "killer-in-training".[3] Weaver believed that he was one of the few Nine members who would immediately report cheating to his superior, rather than seeing it as fun.[4]

Bonesaw's clones of King, based on historical accounts, weren't embarrassed by nudity. They were unaware that Jack had been the one to kill them.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

King's power took any physical harm he suffered and transferred it among people he'd touched within the last twenty-four hours.[5]

This power made him immune to the effects of Gray Boy's ability which is how he was able to get a hold of him.[6] However, it was unable to protect him from Foil's charged shots.[7]

He also possessed enhanced strength and durability.[5]



It's possible that King was a star athlete who turned to drugs, resulting in his trigger event.[8]

King was the initial leader of the Slaughterhouse Nine. He ran the Nine as a "brute squad" similar to the Teeth.[9][10] He was the one who gave Harbinger his name.[3] King's immunity to Gray Boy allowed King to recruit him.[6] He was killed at the hands of Jack Slash and Harbinger in 1987.[3]


King was one of the many former Slaughterhouse Nine members cloned by Bonesaw, and served in the Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand under King's former pupil Jacob. Another instance of him was combined with Hatchet Face to create Tyrant.[5]

A clone of King who accompanied a squad of other Nine clones was captured by Dragon and Defiant using containment foam.[11]

Golem encountered an apparent clone of King who was actually Jack Slash, disguised by Nyx's power.[12]

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