Krieg, real name James Fliescher,[1] is a member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


Krieg was well-trusted enough by Kaiser to be named as one of his three lieutenants in Empire Eighty-Eight,[2][3] with his fellow lieutenants Hookwolf and Purity.

While his two co-rivals were both charismatic and powerful individuals who formed splinter groups after Kaiser's death, Krieg instead moved to England.[4]


Theo Anders remembered him as respectful towards him, if only because he was the son of Krieg's boss.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Classified as a Brute, Krieg has the power to manipulate kinetic forces in a variety of ways, though it is most powerful within a certain radius of himself.[6] Hostile forces will move slower or get disrupted/deflected by a controlled, unconscious alteration of air friction/resistance. Hostile enemies may have trouble breathing. In addition, his actions have increased results for energy involved; he can punt someone to send them flying through the wall,[7] as demonstrated with Manpower.



Makes two yearly trips to London, and had been doing so for roughly twenty years. In his civilian identity he claimed that during these trips he was going to places like Brazil or Europe.[2]

Story StartEdit

When E88's identities were revealed, Krieg fought along with (presumably) his subordinates Victor, Othala, and Alabaster against members of New Wave, Shielder, Flashbang and Brandish. He demonstrated great resourcefulness with his power.[8]

He fought against Leviathan but was put out of commission during an early stage of the conflict.[9]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Recovering, Krieg went back to London to manage things for the Gesellschaft. Though he was still considered an ally to The Pure.[4]


  • Krieg is the German word for war or conflict.[10]
  • Mr. Fliescher is not related to Rune.[11]