Elle is a member of Faultline's Crew.


Like others with powers manifesting at an early age, Elle's ability obfuscates her personality. Though many may initially label her as a low functioning autistic, she is far more astute and cognizant than she first appears.

Elle needs to actively explore the worlds she connects to and creates, in order to be able to draw objects and structures into her current reality, therefore she does not come across as lucid to others. This ties in heavily to her emotional state, playing a factor in how much time she decides to spend looking through her world. The worlds she finds and creates vary based on her mental state.


Labyrinth wears a simple dark green robe with a maze drawn on it and a mask. Out of costume, she has platinum-white blonde hair[2].

Abilities and PowersEdit

Labyrinth is an incredibly powerful Shaker, the ability to alter her surroundings at will gains her a rating of 12.[1]

However, her power comes with several limitations. While moving beyond the boundaries of her power, her range decreases to only a few feet around her; she must remain still for it to extend to its full reach. Further, her power's scope changes in response to her lucidity. The less lucid she becomes, the faster she is able to affect the world around her. This limits her ability to communicate with her teammates and reduces their overall effectiveness.[2][3] She was not always in full control of her power.[3][4]

She describes them as pocket worlds, realities that are a blank canvas to be altered according to her thoughts, both conscious and unconscious. They are lucid dreams that are big enough, detailed enough, intricate enough to swallow her up, as they so often did. She could make new ones at whim, but she found it better to build on what she already had.[3]

When her power is operating well,[5] she can "anchor" people[6] to be excluded from the worlds she brings in, letting them see and pass through any obstacle rendering them oblivious to her power[3][7].

Items she created with her power were sometimes more fragile, as a result of partly existing in two worlds at the same time.[8]

As a required secondary power, Labyrinth has the ability to sense and manipulate the interaction of various dimensions.[9][10]



After triggering, Labyrinth was put into a Parahuman Asylum on the east coast where she met Burnscar, they formed something of a one sided attachment with Elle being used by asylum attendants to control Burnscar[3]. She did not enjoy her time the asylum[11][12].

Elle was eventually rescued from the asylum by Faultline's crew, who were originally there to find information in the Dragonslayers[2].

Story Start Edit

She deploys against the ABB drug den where she shows her capabilities, helping to disable Oni Lee. She shows concern when she learns that Newter has been injured.

She later retreated into the sewers with Newter after the successful raid, Newter holding her share of the money.


She participates in the assault on the Merchants, anchoring Gregor against her abilities.

She would later be paid a visit from an unwelcome friend. But her friend would leave without too much trouble after Labyrinth flooded the street with her power[3].

Works in conjunction with Faultline to breach the Madison Quarantine.

Post-Echidna Edit

She created quite a few portals and statues.

Was instrumental in the final hours of the golden morning.


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