Sarah Pelham or Lady Photon or Photon Mom, if you're the media, is the leader of New Wave.


She tended to appeal to emotion.[2]

She disliked the nickname "Photon Mom" given to her by the media.[3]

She disliked it when Brandish brought up the time they were kidnapped.[2]


Sarah is an attractive woman, with a heart-shaped face, full lips, and straight blonde hair.[4]

As Lady Photon/Photon Mom, Sarah wears a white bodysuit without a mask. The bodysuit features a starburst on the chest with lines from the star's edges extending around her body, changing color from indigo to purple as they get further from the center. She also wears a tiara to keep her hair out of her face, in the same general style as the starburst image.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sarah has the ability to fly, create energy blasts from her hands, and create forcefields.[3]

She could gather energy in her hands, which she "spent" to shoot sprays of laser blasts. She was strong enough to blast through Marquis' bone plates in one shot, and had to hold back to avoid firing through them and accidentally harming a teammate. People reacted as if they were punched when hit. Even fired individually, several successive blasts were enough to beat a person to a pulp.[2]

Her shields were broad enough to protect other people, described as a "wall of light", transparent.[2] She has demonstrated an ability to use her forcefields as a first aid measure - shaping them to cover a wound - though they are rooted in place unless she makes them a bubble around herself.[citation needed]. She could create a small forcefield to help her lift someone.[4]



She triggered just before her sister; when one of their kidnappers was about to execute the starved, kidnapped girls.[2]

She joined the Brockton Bay Brigade, and was part of the group who captured Marquis. She convinced her sister to adopt Amy Dallon.[2][5]

She was the one who formed New Wave, recruiting most of the same members.[2]

Boston GamesEdit

Got her nose broken by some lucky minion, retaliated for that with some nasty burns to minion's master.[6]

Story StartEdit

She fought in the Battle against Leviathan, where her husband died.

Gold MorningEdit

She was a member of Khepri's swarm, and was killed by Zion as one of thirty capes struck by a beam of light before Khepri could react.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • Lady Photon is referred to by her nickname Photon Mom in the tags.