Legend is the leader of the Protectorate in general and the New York Protectorate team specifically.


Legend is probably closest to the classic superhero that Worm offers, heroic noble and willing to make sacrifices for others[citation needed]. As part of the leading heroes of the Protectorate Legend is seen as a paragon of what a hero should be, acting on and off the camera largely the same.[1][2] Legend is gay, married for quite some time, and he is the reason gay rights has progressed much further in Earth Bet than our own[citation needed].[3]


Legend has wavy brown hair and a square jaw.[4] He is tall, with a lean, muscular physique.[5] He is considered noticeably attractive by Skitter.[4]

He wears a skintight blue costume with white lightning/flame designs. His costume includes boots and gloves.[5] His mask is blue and silver, and leaves his mouth, chin, hair and some of his forehead uncovered.[6]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As a member of the Triumvirate, Legend is considered one of the most powerful parahumans in North America. His powers are summarized as "flying artillery": he can fly, shoot lasers from his body, and endure strong attacks. Attacks from Behemoth, Leviathan and Siberian have all been devastating enough that they were sufficient to take him out of the fight.[7]

His lasers were primarily blue-white[8]. These beams can turn corners, fork into multiple lasers, pass through walls, and freeze and/or ignite his targets. He can use different effects creating cutting, disintegration, impact, heat, focused, staccato bursts, fat lasers, and invisible lasers. He could combine these effects, but this took time to investigate and he rarely faced threats that necessitated the needed effort.[9] The 'freezing' laser actually lowers the temperature at the point of contact close to absolute zero, damaging the target and freezing ambient moisture.[9] The 'heat ray' that ignited a target works on a similar principle.

A known strange feature of his lasers is that they can bend around corners.[10] This versatility extends to him splitting lasers he's fired into multiple smaller lasers.[11] Further he can radiate an unheard of number of his lasers when he needs to. He can increase the size and power of lasers but requires time to do it.[12]?

Legend can accelerate to a speed that exceeds the speed of sound and continue accelerating, to no hard limit. However, surviving at these speeds requires the use of his secondary Breaker ability.[7] He was one of, if not the, fastest heroes alive. On one occasion, he flew halfway around the planet in an extremely short period of time, seemingly a matter of moments; arriving a full five or six minutes before even Alexandria.[13]

Legend's breaker power changes his body to living light. As he becomes more like light, he is able to fly faster and ignore most attacks, though it impairs his ability to think. While in this state, he absorbs most kinds of energy, using it to repair his human form.[14] This transformation happens instinctively to avoid injury, usually when he is struck or when he flies too fast.[7] It allows him to survive in time dilated environments without food or water absorbing ambient energy sources.

As a related minor power,[7] he has perfect, superhumanly clear vision,[15] only blocked by things like solids and gasses like cloud and mist. He took advantage of this by learning to lip read,[16] and to shoot accurately over large distances.[17]



Legend received his powers as part of Cauldron's program, becoming a founding member of the Protectorate. He was present for Behemoth's emergence in 1992.[18] After Hero's death, he became the leader of a smaller team based in New York.[19]

When Leviathan approached Brockton Bay, Legend took the opportunity to inform every parahuman there of the odds of survival.[20] This was something that he as a veteran of such engagements, was rarely able to do.[21]


Despite the risks to both himself and the citizens of the city, he deployed with his team against the Slaughterhouse Nine when they came to Brockton Bay.

He recognized William Manton and confronted his co-conspirators, secretly armed with a lie-detector. He discovered that they were responsible for the Case 53s and had been lying to him for years.[22]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Despite knowing that his teammates had been lying to him for years he repeated the same lies to Gully and Weld given the gravity of the situation the Protectorate faced.[16]

He was able to keep two Alexandria clones busy during a fight but that also meant that he could not help When Echidna and her creations were fighting the others.


Legend stepped down as leader of the Protectorate after his ties to Cauldron were revealed.

He was briefly trapped in accelerated time by Khonsu, but survived by entering his breaker state. By the time the Endbringer dropped the effect, an enormous charge of light had built up inside it. This charge was redirected by Eidolon.

Gold MorningEdit

Chevalier asked Legend to become his second-in-command in the new Protectorate after Revel's death, and he accepted.

He served throughout the event.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Was a part of the Wardens when the group was announcing themselves to the city. Welcome the new member Valkyrie.


Two years after the event he still part of The Wardens. Just as in the Protectorate he is considered one of the groups key members, and has his statue in HQs lobby.[23]

Trivia Edit

  • According to Valkyrie, Legend is the keeper of the "Coruscant Knave" shard,[24] an example of Valkyrie's use of antiquated language.
    • Also how hard it is to describe the function of the shards.
  • Like Eidolon his powers were considered highly classified.[1]

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