Leonid is a former member of the Las Vegas Protectorate.


Leonid is a lean man with golden hair. He wears a mask with a lion motif, a black skintight sleeveless bodysuit, and loose-fitting pants, leaving some skin exposed. After leaving the Las Vegas Protectorate, he started to wear complex-looking gauntlets and boots with six-inch claws.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Leonid has the power to hear everything within a certain range of himself regardless of volume and intervening obstacles or noises. He can also manipulate particular sounds, from absolute silence up to twice as loud.[1] He also has the ability to teleport to anywhere within earshot of a given sound[2] by using the echoes to gradually phase out over the course of about two seconds, giving him Thinker, Stranger, and Mover ratings, respectively. In application, Leonid described himself as one of the "active guys" on the Las Vegas team.[1]



Leonid was present along with his teammates when Contessa freed Pretender from the Protectorate in Las Vegas.[3]

He defected along with the other members of the Las Vegas Protectorate before New Delhi.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

A Satyrical clone of Leonid guarded the entrance to Cauldron's base.[5]

The real Leonid and his teammates tried to stop Weaver's group from entering the base when Scion was attacking it during Gold Morning.[6] In the ensuing fight, Leonid used his sound manipulation powers to track sounds inaudible to normal humans, silence everything within his range, and teleport behind his opponents using the echoes of an amplified scream, but he was eventually taken out by a combination of Weaver's insects, Canary stepping on his hand, and Bitch's dogs attacking his legs.[1]


  • Leonid is erroneously referred to as "Leonine" in parts of Venom 29.3.[5]


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