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Licit was an independent hero working with Edict in Stafford, New Hampshire.

Appearance Edit

Licit wears a bodysuit with armor panels and extra pouches. He carries a nightstick and flashbangs.[3]


Licit has a hard time controlling his vices and saying no to sex, drugs, or alcohol.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Licit could create forcefields in geometric shapes, remaining aware of them to an almost clairvoyant level.[1] He could permit people and objects to pass through his forcefields on a case-by-case basis,[4] though sufficiently powerful hits could shatter the fields.[3]

While he was potent defensively and strategically, his low range and lack of offensive applications hinder him,[4] as his forcefields often appeared in shapes like pyramids, diamonds, cubes, spheres, and cylinders.[3]

The range within which he can create forcefields is listed as either line-of-sight[3] or twenty feet.[4] He is classified as a Striker.[2]


Background Edit

Licit triggered because the big city lacked enough barriers, presumably to the objects of his vices. After his trigger event, he spiraled downwards due to drugs and partying before eventually coming back to reality and, along with his partner Edict, staying within the small-town boundaries of Stafford.[3]

Edict and Licit originally trained with the Protectorate, but issues came up that prevented them from pursuing further Protectorate advancement. As independent heroes, they were only related to the Protectorate in the most tertiary way. They worked well as a team, but Edict had an unrequited love for her partner that made patrols and general cape life hard.[4]

Story StartEdit

Edict and Licit eventually began an on-again, off-again romance.[3]


When the Slaughterhouse Nine visited Stafford, Licit and Edict were unable to stop them from recruiting Damsel of Distress.[2]


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