Ligeia is a member of the Ambassadors that was brought in after Accord's arrival in Brockton Bay.


Ligeia has dark skin, complemented by a deep blue-green dress and a mask that looks like a conch shell.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Ligeia's power has two modes — causing geysers of water to gush out of empty space, and sucking water and whatever flows with it back into where the water came from.[1] Her water is drawn from the ocean depths of an Alternate Reality and, when sucked back up, returns there along with anything or anyone caught up in it.[2]


Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Ligeia was given a Cauldron vial by the Ambassadors alongside Jacklight, Codex, Lizardtail, and a fifth recruit. Accord lent her to the Undersiders in exchange for Tattletale's analysis of her power.

During the assault on the Teeth, Ligeia used her power to drive Spree duplicates back, draw duplicates into the place her water came from by sucking it up, and create geysers that sent duplicates flying into the air. She also tried to target Butcher, only for Butcher to teleport before Ligeia's attack could hurt her.[1]

New Delhi Edit

Ligeia was deployed with the other Ambassadors to New Delhi to combat Behemoth.

After attempting to drive Behemoth back using her power, she was hit by a lightning bolt. Weaver assumed that she died, although she may have survived.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Ligeia's name may have originated from the Edgar Allan Poe short story "Ligeia", from the Greek mythological Siren of the same name, or from Ligeia Mare, the second-largest lake on Saturn's moon Titan, itself named after the siren.


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