Camden Ito is a member of the Anchorage Protectorate.[1]


A chronic inability to cooperate remains Lightslinger’s biggest drawback, largely due to his experience in ‘Eminent’.  Inter-member competition was promoted by the group structure and the incentives offered to team members, leading to fierce rivalries, one of which might have prompted Lightslinger to leave the team.

Lightslinger proves cocky and confident, not helped by the fact that he is extremely good at what he does.  He naturally seeks out studying and fitness regimens on his own.  If he were to get a handle on his inability to work with others or the arrogant attitude that tanks his PR ratings, the PRT expects he could become a nationally recognized member of the Protectorate.[1]


Ito is an asian man, long hair, muscular.[1] 5’9” while weighing 155 lbs.[1] Counts as handsome.

When operating as Lightslinger his costume is a closed armored body suit with halogen bulbs at the joints, he also wears a coat with reflective material lining it.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Lightslinger magnifies the light generated by all nearby sources.  Sources of sufficient size that have been altered can then fire weaponized forms of radiant energy, turning them into weapon emplacements.  This energy can be made diffuse, reducing the power to safe levels.  Direction and intensity of fire can be adjusted with a thought, but only one emplacement at a time, or every emplacement simultaneously.  Lightbulbs are at the low end of this scale, with low-watt bulbs proving insufficient to become an emplacement.  Brighter sources generate more firepower.[1]



A Japanese refugee, Camden moved to San Francisco for a time where he found work with corporate sponsored team, ‘Eminent’, from 2008 to 2010. He left the team and the area, moving to Alaska where he roamed, changing locations with some regularity before being approached for placement in Anchorage’s Protectorate team.[1]

Drew some attention from a high placement in a ‘top fifty capes you’ve never heard of’ magazine article. Lightslinger maintains a fanbase and exceptionally high ratings for his incidental appearances. These numbers dip when he speaks for a camera.[1]

References Edit

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