Mike something, known publicly as Lightstar is a superhero.


Lightstar was one of the founding members of the Brockton Bay Brigade. The Brockton Bay Brigade challenged Marquis numerous times though Marquis would always win.

Lightstar accompanied the Brigade when they went after Marquis in his home, closed in on him, and was taken down after a pierced his shoulder. Fleur caught him before he could fall on the bone spikes Marquis had created. After the battle, Lightstar was surprised to learn that Marquis had a child before he wondered about her age. [2]

Lightstar later revealed his civilian identity alongside his teammates as the Brockton Bay Brigade was rechristened 'New Wave'. He would eventually leave the team after Fleur was murdered before leaving Brockton Bay.[1]

Author's NoteEdit

Lightstar is unlikely to show up in the main story, and will only be featured if I write an arc centered around Glory Girl and Panacea, possibly as bonus content for the published books. As he's unlikely to show up in any meaningful context, I feel it's okay to spoil his power - he could create slow moving projectiles (around half the speed of a thrown basketball) that he could detonate concussively at will.[1]

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