The following alphabetical list is of minor and briefly mentioned characters found in Worm. These characters played a small to no role in the main plotline.

This page is for normal humans. For minor parahuman characters, see List of Parahuman Characters.

Aster Klara AndersEdit

Aster was the baby daughter of Max Anders and Kayden Anders and the half-sister of Theo Anders. After Aster's parents divorced, her mother took custody of her, though only due to Kaiser's consent.[1] She was briefly taken by social services after Coil had revealed the names of most Empire Eighty-Eight members, but eventually returned after Tattletale revealed her location to Purity.

Sought by the Slaughterhouse Nine after her half-brother failed to make good on his bargain with Jack Slash. Aster was shot to death by Weaver after being taken prisoner by the Nine.[2]

Principal BlackwellEdit

Principal Blackwell was the principal of Winslow High school and was only seen during the discussion of misconduct of Taylor's bullying incidents in Hive 5.4. She may have been pushed by the PRT.[3]


Principal Blackwell was described as "a narrow woman, dirty blond, with that severe bowl-cut haircut," and her dress appeared to be like "attending a funeral."

Alan BarnesEdit

Lawyer. A work friend of Carol Dallon. Father of Emma Barnes. Chapters featuring him are tagged as "Alan". Works to protect Emma and Shadow Stalker; after Emma's actions are publicly exposed and Taylor is outed presumably suffers a loss of standing. Blames Taylor for Emma's death.


Dimitri was a sniper that worked for Coil. He was second-in-command of the group loaned to Tattletale. Along with Minor, Dimitri was one of the soldiers that Tattletale trusted enough to run her shelter and background activity.

Director HearthrowEdit

Director Hearthrow is the Director of Parahuman Response Team Department Four in Chicago.


Director Hearthrow ran Weaver's operation with certain restrictions: surveillance had to be airtight, with check-ins, breaks that had to fall between check-ins, and restrictions on Weaver entertaining herself or drawing attention. He told her that the PRT rulebook said that not force her to undertake or carry out a mission because of a rulebook, but Weaver took it.


A member of the Dragonslayers.


Gerry was a former dockworker who worked alongside Danny Hebert. He was described as a "big guy, burly, Black Irish." Rumor went around that Gerry went on to become one of Über and Leet’s henchmen.

Mentioned in Insinuation 2.01.

Mr. Gladly's GirlfriendEdit

Briefly seen alongside Mr. Gladly, Mr. Gladly's girlfriend was a tall blonde seen in shelter at CB-10. She is seen only to scream and burying her face into Mr. Gladly's shoulder when Leviathan attacked the shelter they took refuge in. Her presence bugged Taylor as she disliked Mr. Gladly and thought of her as someone who didn't truly know him as a teacher.

Her fate along with Mr. Gladly is never mentioned outright, though it is possible both had died to Leviathan.

Seen in Extermination 8.05.

Gladys KnottEdit

Gladys Knott is a teacher at Winslow High.


Gladys was initially described as tall, broad-shouldered, and had a strong jaw. Her generally feminine style of dressing and her long blonde hair contrasted with her masculine features.[4] However, this passage was removed in a later edit, meaning it may no longer be canon.[5]


Mrs. Knott wasn't a very hands-on teacher with the advanced students, preferring to give them an in-class assignment and then focus on the more rambunctious majority for the rest of the class.[5]


She taught Taylor Hebert's Computer class.[6][7]

During the conference discussing Taylor's bullying in Hive 5.4, Mrs. Knott was the only faculty member noted to have seated on Taylor's side of the table. However, this may just have been due to the fact that there were no other seats available.[8] This is reinforced in that she is seen to have made little attempt to defend Taylor.


A fit woman who joined the The Chosen, at the behast of Coil's Organization.


The most powerful woman in the world.

By giving money to a homeless man and listening to his story she inherited the position.[9]

Went to the authorities and told her incredible tale, was released and the report was filed.[10]

Would have a conversation with Cauldron about Scion's real appropriated name.[11]


A member of the Dragonslayers.


As Nilbog's very first creation and friend, Polka was his favorite. By the time Nilbog is first encountered, during Sting 26.4, there had been three versions of Polka, as Nilbog's creations could only live for a limited time. Polka was a blue-skinned, white-haired female creature with a long, narrow tail. Her face was narrow with a reptilian structure, having four fangs at the front, with skin that was very smooth and human-like. She wore clothing more appropriate for toddlers.[12]

A fourth version of Polka was also created by Nilbog. It is unknown if this was before, during, or after his captivity and torture at the hands of The Nine. Possible when he was making soldiers to fight Zion.[13] This fourth Polka was the parent of Dot. Dot lamented that she was the child of the fourth Polka, as she considered the third Polka to be the most beautiful and clever of the four, to which Nilbog responded that the fourth Polka was clever as well.

Mr. QuinlanEdit

Mr. Quinlan was Taylor's math teacher.


He appeared only during the discussion into Taylor's accusation of bullying, speaking to defend the school's lack of action in concerns to Taylor's bullying.


Renick was the Deputy Director of the Brockton Bay branch of the PRT.


Found himself in command during the Echidna crisis. He was disappointed when Miss Militia brought The Undersiders in but had not arrested them.

The GailsEdit

The Gails were Theo's foster parents. Mr. and Mrs. Gail also looked after ten other children, ages ranging from from four to seventeen. Mrs. Gail was not known indulging the children, as Theo noted the event of her bringing him an ice cream sandwich, something that the other foster kids were not rewarded.

Appeared in Interlude 26b.


Yan was a former member of the ABB who tortured Emma, until the girl was saved by Shadow Stalker. This probably led to Taylor being bullied and eventually Triggering. Would later join Skitter as a henchman before rebelling and being forced out of the city.

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