Lucy was a small dog of setter breed that Rachel Lindt had rescued and placed under her care. With the losses Rachel suffered using her dogs against Leviathen she had to bring Lucy into rotation.


She was a bit antsy still for a young dog, and has been known to bark insistently.[1][2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

say something about what Setters can usually do. When augmented Lucy has all the abilities of one of Bitch's Dogs.


Was usually equipped with a chain collar so Rachel could handle her easier.[1]



Rachel generally collects abused dogs.

Story StartEdit

May have been with Rachel since she started setting up her shelters.


She was first introduced as one of the pups[1] Rachel brought for the infiltration of PRT ENE Headquarters

Lucy later accompanied her rescuer in Rachel's territory were she underwent training.[2]While looking for other candidates for the Nine the undersiders met with Panacea and were ambushed. Lucy was murdered by Mannequin, taking two shotgun blasts directly to the chest cavity. Her rescuers power was unable to save her.[3]


  • Lucy is a Setter, the exact type is unknown however.[4]

References Edit

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