Mantellum is a Case 53 who was involved in the Irregulars' raid on Cauldron's headquarters after Scion began to attack.


Mantellum was Cauldron test subject 2601. Because Cauldron thought that his powers were not developing, it released him into Earth Bet, and he was termed a Case 53.[1]


Mantellum has a cloak and a tail that coils behind him, making him look like a human manta ray whose folds drape over the surrounding area.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Mantellum's area-of-effect power creates increasingly protective layers that block perception powers[2][3] by blinding shards.[4] This even affects subconscious ones such as Lung's transformation, and human senses[5]. This effect is so intensive that it blocks even Contessa's power, although it does not work across dimensional boundaries.[6] or video[5].

According to Cauldron records, his power nullifies powers within 15 feet of him and senses within 5 feet, but during the Irregulars' raid, his power's radius was around 100 feet[5] thanks to workarounds devised by Weld and the other Irregulars.[1]


Mantellum accompanied the Irregulars on their raid on Cauldron's headquarters to foil Contessa and the Custodian, whose abilities his power blocked, while other Irregulars cornered Doctor Mother downstairs from their entrance.[1] His power nullification forced Contessa to escape the facility through a dimensional portal and fake her own death at the hands of another Irregular.[6] Meanwhile, the Custodian led Weaver's group to Mantellum's blind spot, where Weaver used her swarm to kill him with Defiant's nano-thorn knife.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • "Mantellum" means "mantle" or "cape" in Latin.


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