March is a villain who operated out of New York, she's moved on since.


March is a small women who wears an old style Military uniform and a lagomorph-type mask that invokes a rabbit. The outfit is completed with a rapier.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

March is a grab-bag cape, and has access to a weaker version of Flechette's power to infuse objects with an effect that would sever their attachment to most physical laws.[2]


As she carries a rapier she likely imbues it with her "sting' effect.


Background Edit

March was part of the same group trigger as Flechette, taking place three year prior story start in New York.[3] March is an old nemesis of Flechette, and continues to operate in New York as a rather persistent villain.[4]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

March was able to survive Gold Morning and currently seeking out other cluster capes for unknown reasons. They were able to reach out to recently triggered of5 and offered information and assistance with their unfortunate group trigger dynamic.[5][6]


Rain Finally reached out to march when he had no where else to go.[7]


  • He name combined with her mask and costume brings to mind the March Hare.

References Edit

  1. The woman who faced him was petite, and wore a rabbit mask with a uniform that looked like a soldier from the 1800s. A rapier dangled from her waist.

    “March,” he said.

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    She turned in her seat, “Sure.”

    “Anyone else get powers at the same time you did?”

    “Not that I know of.”

    “Could someone nearby have gotten their powers, without you knowing? Way things played out? Did any capes show up around the same time as you?”

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    But the person from the coded message starts speaking in plain english. of5's searches & comments on the broken multi-trigger articles have been noticed. Coded-name goes through all the instances of multi-triggers they've heard of, working out who of5 could be, and decides that of5 is the 'runt' from 'the mall'.
    • Coded-name already talked to someone else from the mall and was turned down. Lucky for of5, coded-name says, because of5 will need all the help they can get, and coded-name is offering that help.
    • The mall group has a woman, a man, and two boys, four individuals. Three members of the group are coordinating to go after one of the two boys, the runt. The woman is hiring mercenary help for the deed, and the man is talking to an information broker named Tattletale to find the runt.
    • Coded-name remarks 'a case of Kiss/Kill like I never saw and I don’t think they’re reaching for the chapstick.' - and the response from of5 is 'You’re wrong / It isn’t Kiss/Kill.'
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