March is a villain who operated out of New York, she's moved on since.


March is persistent and focused willing to clash continually with Flechette while they were both in New York.[1] Has a bit of an off kilter of beat personality putting others on the wrong foot.

Is comfortable with killing people and has a showmen's flair to what she does.[2]

Has an interest in studying multitriggers,[3] and powers in general.


Intentionally surrounded herself with multitriggers[3] Was willing to work with Rain partially because he could look at her vendetta with Foil with fresh eyes.[2] It was noted that having her interest was not a good thing.[4]


March is a small woman who wears a military-style uniform and feathered cap, with a rabbit mask[5] that leave her eyes open.[2] She also carries a rapier[6] with sheath.

Abilities and PowersEdit

March is a grab-bag cape, and has access to a weaker version of Flechette's power to infuse objects with an effect that would sever their attachment to most physical laws.[7] For March it lets her cut through foes' defenses and imbue then with a timed explosion effect that can damage breaker effects[8] and kill people.[9] Her power has a watermark effect that spreads out from the contact point, it also lets her stab people with the rapier and only apply the explosion effect, with no other damage.

March belongs to Alexandria-counter club.[10]

March has some native ability, possible Thinker, that makes her unreadable to some Thinkers like Tattletale.[11]


As she carries a rapier she likely imbues it with her "sting' effect.



March was part of the same group trigger as Flechette, taking place three year prior story start in New York.[12] March is an old nemesis of Flechette, and continues to operate in New York as a rather persistent villain.[1]She gained an elceltic criminal record, unattached to any particular operation.[13]


Visted Brockton Bay when the portal went up, twice. The second time she kidnapped parian. All ti get at the newly renamed Foil.[14]

Post-Gold MorningEdit

March was able to survive Gold Morning and currently seeking out other cluster capes for unknown reasons. They were able to reach out to recently triggered of5 and offered information and assistance with their unfortunate group trigger dynamic.[15][16]


Rain Finally reached out to March when he had nowhere else to go. He met her and her team at her hideout in the city.[17] Later they deployed against the Fallen, separate from the Hollow Pointers and Wardens.[5]


  • Her name and costume suggest the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland.

Fanart GalleryEdit


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