Matryoshka is a Case 53 superhero.


Matryoshka is described as having a great many vertical and horizontal lines to her form, with dark horizontal lines ribbing her entire body. This is largly when her power s active however.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Matryoshka can turn herself into a mess of ribbons, absorbing an individual, some of their memories and some of their appearance, at the cost of her own. This effect can be repeated, but holding on to anyone too long ‘digests’ them.[2]



Was stolen from her earth by Cauldron.

Migration Edit

When the Simurgh breached a containment vault and activated technology from Professor Haywire a portal was opened to the Cauldron Compound.

Matryoshka was among those deposited in Madison, Wisconsin by the same incident that drew the Travelers there.[3] Was trapped in the city when Madison was quarantined.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

She meets Faultline’s Crew there having spent 2 years within the walls of the quarantine zone. She had fallen in with a group of survivors able to pass as human.


With the monster Echidna dead Maddie was there during he meeting of Faultline and the Case 53s of the Protectorate. She would join the fledgling Irregulars.[4]

Gold Morning Edit

Matryoshka would be part of the Oil-rig battle

Trivia Edit

  • Information is incorporated into this article from a non-canon source; see the page in question for details.
  • Matryoshka is the Russian word for "Nesting Dolls," wherein each doll contains a smaller doll "nested" inside, with subsequent iterations inside that doll.


  2. Absorbs others, gaining memories/traits at the cost of her own. Could layer, diluting her form with multiple consumed. Slowly digested eaten. Case 53-- Wildbow's Parahuman List
  3. [ Excerpt] from Migration 17.4
  4. Interlude 19.y (Nixed)

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